Wives Tell All… Vol. 3


Here is Vol. 3 of the Wives Tell All series! This wife really emphasises  the need to stick together when times are hard and to have each other’s back. I have lots of crazy and my husband supports me 100% with my outlandish ways – thank goodness! As with this wife, he really balances me out and I will always be grateful for his bit of calm.

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Stop Undermining That First Step


I always find it interesting, and almost surprising, how easily I become self-defeating and talk myself out of things. Especially because I am that person who when someone has an idea I literally jump into the idea pool with all my clothes on and get ready to ride the massive whale! Bit random of a scene for you but I want to get across just how excited I get about new things and starting new projects.

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Let’s Talk Ladies!


When you google search “what husbands want to know about their wives” the results are nothing short of dismal. The list of articles were all about the men! “10 Things Guys Wish Women Knew About Men,” “What Husband’s Wish There Wives Knew About Men,” “4 Things Every Man Needs from His Wife.”

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It’s time to say goodbye to stress


I am a total stress head. I like routine and order and when anything throws me off I go into an overdrive of stress and anxiety! You would think my husband and I would steer well clear from countless house moves, kids, job changes, immigration… well everything, just to save ourselves from the stress of the disordered! However, as you know – we don’t.

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My Last Acne Post


This my last acne post ever because I feel like I have finally got to (not perfect) but the most achievable of skin status’s that I ever will be able to and it’s all thanks to birth control.

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Welcome October!


I was going to start this blog post saying how much I love October and then realised I probably say that about every month! I love October because it is all about retreating and being with our families, mixed with darker nights and magical celebrations!

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