Autumn is Here!


I love Autumn (or Fall as the North Americans know it). I love the colours, the change from hot to cold, the warm clothes, nights snuggled in front of the fire and copious amounts of hot chocolate. Today is the 22nd September 2016 and the Autumn Equinox. From here on in the days will continue to get shorter and summer will slowly fade into the background. Well until the Winter Equinox anyway…

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The Magic of Elephant


I believe that just like every human being, every animal also, has an effect and an impact on this world. For me they represent ideas and messages that I need to become aware of. I believe that sometimes animals can serve as symbols or as messengers. I believe it so deeply that one day a friend of mine said to me “sometimes, Becci, a fly is just a fly” haha! Of course she was right!

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The Joy of Obliviousness


Usually when people talk about being oblivious it is meant as a put-down, something that makes someone less than or not as “in tune.” However, there are some instances where I think we can choose to become oblivious and it can actually raise us up and keep us above things that don’t necessarily bring any joy or positivity to our lives.

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The Differences… Canada and England (A Child’s Point of View)


Today my two girls started school and I was so proud of them. Only six weeks ago me and my husband moved them away from everything they knew, not just a new country but a whole new continent! They have taken it all in their stride and every day they have gotten more and more comfortable with our UK home. It has helped to be surrounded by cousins and family who have embraced us and blessed us beyond anything our imaginations could have come up with!

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Hello September…


I love September. I love how it encases the change from summer to autumn and how it sees us step back into our routines, new and old. This year the end of summer also occurs at the same time as Mercury Retrograde, and although some expect problems and issues to arise, I see this as a time to be introspective, to go inwards and evaluate our lives to ensure true happiness lives within our soul.

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My Fitness Goals


Everyone who knows me, knows I am a very very picky eater… for example, I hate any type of bean or soup. Sushi is gross and any type of fish (other than tuna mixed with vinegar or battered fish) is gag-worthy. So my list of foods that I actually like is quite small… however, although it is small it is full of all the bad stuff like double cream, trifle, chocolate (and not the healthy type), and cookies.

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Our 10 Year Vow Renewal


My husband and I have now been married for ten years and together for fifteen. Those ten years have seen us go through many changes and seen us face many challenges. Some challenges have been good and some have been downright hard but we have gone through them – and most importantly – we have gone through it all together.

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What the BPS means to me…


Before I even started my undergraduate degree I would look at what it would take to become a Psychologist in both Canada and the UK. Within Canada it would have meant a lot of cross-country moves and a high chance of never being able to actually get into Post Graduate classes because the competition was so high.

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